15 Incredible Gambling Addiction Statistics

/15 Incredible Gambling Addiction Statistics
15 Incredible Gambling Addiction Statistics 2018-12-31T10:20:48+00:00

Gambling is great fun and  can be a very relaxing and enjoyable time with friends. But there is a dark side for those whose fun has changed to addiction. Gambling ruins lives and not just the gambler but their family and friends as well. It can disrupt work life as well which is not good for your boss.

Research has shown that gambling problems are more prevalent in those who have suffered other additions and for those with impulse issues. Here is a list of 15 statistics and facts associated with gambling:

  1. As many as 400,000 people in the UK are addicted to gambling or have a gambling problem.
  2. This issue is responsible with costing the addict time, money, relationships and their job.
  3. Their schedule may be disorganised and out of kilter because of their obsession with gambling
  4. It is the adrenaline rush the gambler gets when betting that is at the route of this addiction. Like drug or alcohol abuse, gambling addicts get mental stimulation from gambling and chasing the next high.
  5. The gambler spends less time at home and ignores their family and friends.
  6. Addicts take higher risks with money when gambling.
  7. Health and hygiene can be neglected as the preoccupation with gambling is all that matters.
  8. The gambler takes even more risks than ever and may even consider illegal activity to help fund the addiction. Studies at Georgia State University report people who have already committed a criminal act are more likely to get a gambling addiction.
  9. Logical thinking is taken over by the desire to gamble and since 2013 the terminology has been changed to a gambling disorder and the treatment is the same as for substance abuse.
  10. Most, if not all compulsive gamblers are liars.
  11. Personality can alter and behaviour can seem erratic to family and friends.
  12. Gambling addiction, alcohol addiction and drug addiction together can be linked with antisocial behaviour including aggression.
  13. Depression is a high possibility along with anxiety and many believe that gambling addictions are mental illnesses and gambling is used as a relief from the pain of a bereavement and other problems a gambler may be experiencing .
  14. Drugs and alcohol are both associated with a gambling problem.
  15. Mental illness is believed to be bought on by gambling with overwhelming thoughts when a big loss comes-  suicide may be contemplated.

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