Why Do People Get Addicted To Gambling

As a favoured pass time gambling is enjoyed by millions of adults worldwide but for some people it can become a nightmare addiction. Gambling is huge all across the globe and it comes in many forms, from slot machines and casinos to weekly lottery and Bingo.  It is easily accessed via online forms on your [...]

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Seven Types of Gamblers and which One are You

Gambling opportunities came in a vast and varied selection. Poker and Blackjack at your local casino, buying weekly  lottery tickets and of course betting online. Online gambling provides many different types of gambling and it is fast, convenient and easy to bet online at anytime and anywhere. This is good news for gamblers as not [...]

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Research May Open New Doors to Gambling Addiction Treatment

People will always use the methods they can rely on for the best results and this is also true for addiction treatment. Addiction counsellors and rehabilitation professionals will chose those methods that in their experience are tried and tested to get results. When some new research adds information to the addiction treatment database some may [...]

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Types of Gambling and Problem Gambling

Dr. Robert L. Custer, a widely respected psychiatrist from Midland, Pa identified that there are six types of gamblers and they vary from low to moderate to high risk. He advocated that gambling addiction be treated as a behavioural disorder. Custer felt that the problem rooted from sadness and sorrow and believed these people used [...]

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