Emotional Symptoms of Excessive Gambling

/Emotional Symptoms of Excessive Gambling
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Gambling is undertaken for a host of reasons and for some the occasional flutter is not an issue, however for others gambling can become a real problem and an addiction that can be damaging to life and their mental health.

Why Gamble?

Some of the  reasons people gamble are as follows:

  • The thrill of the high adrenaline release it can provide
  • The competition element – beating others including the house
  • The risk of betting big
  • To relieve money worries
  • Escape from stress and anxiety

Safe Gambling

It has been said that there is no safe gambling but people argue that it is safe as long as you stick to the following rules:

  • Choose only low level bets so there is less risk to losing big money too quickly
  • Set a time limit on your gambling and stick to it
  • Set a budget of how much you will spend and when it is gone walk away
  • Stop while you are winning as the odds are against you winning more

When is Gambling an Issue

On the most part gambling is a fun and harmless pastime but for some gambling is their way of life that can ruin their real lives. Below is a list that may show you are a compulsive gambler:

  • You could be in debt but you still gamble, even if your home is on the line
  • Gambling comes before everything and everyone else. Your could get sacked from your job and even your family
  • Your emotions have changed and you are quick to be depressed on a loss and over-excited on a win
  • Lies to loved ones and your boss  about where you are and what you are doing or you could turn to crime to fund the addiction

Ask Yourself the Following Questions

  • Is it gambling that makes you happy
  • Are you finding it hard to sleep and unable to focus during the day because of gambling
  • Are lies and deceit to often part of your day
  • Do you get away from it all when you gamble
  • Is gambling a way to pay off debts
  • Do you find yourself selling possessions or borrowing money so you can gamble
  • After a win or a loss do you feel the need to continue gambling

If your answer was yes to any of these questions you may have a problem with gambling.

Why Do People Become Compulsive Gamblers?

Gambling can be a social pastime and brings with it a sense of acceptance and belonging.  It can be an exciting escape from the real world and the worries and stress can be left behind.  Compulsive activity is believed to have an effect on the brains pleasure and reward system and the cells can be changed both chemically and structurally. Over time normal response to reward may no longer happen and this can be detrimental to the health of that person.

Self Help

Here is a list of how you can help yourself:

  • Face up and admit you have a problem with gambling
  • Talk to a trusted person like a friend or your GP
  • Keep away from the places and situation where you might be able to gamble
  • Control your spending and don’t waste it gambling
  • Improvement will take time so keep your focus on a day to day basis

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