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Anyone can become addicted to gambling. When gambling goes from fun or a harmless distraction to a devastating and unhealthy compulsion with terrible ramifications you are addicted. It makes no difference what you bet on, it could be a casino, sports events, lotto, horse racing or even online, a gambling problem will ruin your life. You will lose your family, spouse, friends, money and your job. You will do the unthinkable, lie, beg, steal and borrow to keep gambling.

It might feel like you are out of control but there is help available to get your life and family back on track. Gambling Addiction – can be called compulsive gambling, pathological gambler or a gambling disorder. It is an impulse control disorder. Your urge to gamble will be uncontrollable, it will bring negative ramifications to yourself and your family. The consequences are of no interest to you and you will gamble the mortgage money, shopping money and even your kid’s birthday money so long as you get the feeling you want.

You can be a problem gambler and feel in control but it will still turn your life upside-down. You will obsess about gambling and everything you do will be about gambling. Getting the money together, borrowing money and taking time off work to either gamble or get the money from somewhere.

A gambling problem or addiction is associated with mood or behaviour disorders and many gamblers will also struggle with substance abuse or alcoholism, ADHD, depression, stress or bipolar disorder. Treatment for compulsive gambling would also include dealing with any of these issues you may also be suffering with.

What is Fact and What is Myth about Gambling Addiction

Myth Fact
 A problem gambler gambles every day.  If you are a problem gambler you may gamble very often or just occasionally.
 It is only because you are weak and stupid if you have a problem gambling.  Gambling problems are experienced by a variety of people including strong minded and intelligent people.
 It is the family of the gambler who has driven them to it.  Problem gamblers often put the blame for their actions onto others so they can avoid taking responsibility for them.
 You should pay off a gamblers debts as soon as possible  This would only encourage the gambler to gamble more as now they have the ability to get the funds to do so.

Signs and Symptoms of Gambling Addiction

Hidden Illness is a name regularly given to gambling addiction as it has no obvious physical signs or symptoms. Problem gamblers are very good at keeping it to themselves. Have a read of the following to see if you might have a gambling problem:

  • Are really secretive about gambling
  • Feel out of control with regards to gambling
  • Keep gambling even though you know you don’t have the funds
  • Your family and friends have expressed a concern about your gambling

Admitting that you have an issue with gambling takes courage but even if you have lost money and your relationship is strained seek help. You can beat dependency and rebuild your life.

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