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Many loved ones and friends of those who have a gambling problem just do not understand why the gambler is putting them through the pain and suffering of their addiction. Why can they just not stop? Other common questions include why can some people gamble responsibly and others cannot? Are gamblers weak people? Are gamblers unable to cope with real life? Unfortunately, gambling problems are often unable to be controlled by the sufferer and just stopping is not an easy or permanent option for them on their own.

A lot of gamblers can’t tell you why they continue to gamble even when their world is crumbling away around them. For most who do not understand fully put the blame on the gambler wanting the money but many will gamble away their winnings and will often keep gambling until they have no money left. Many gamblers will say they are waiting for the big one that never comes but is always so close. However, it seems that the big one would only provide more funds for the yearning for more betting and leaving them feeling compelled to continue with the same relentless routine.

It seems that it is not the winning or the losing but the action of gambling itself that is the key. It is considered that many compulsive gamblers began by using it as an escape from the stresses and strains in their real lives. The diversion very quickly becomes a new way of life and the use of gambling as a way of ignoring problems will end up as a really big problem in itself.

When does gambling become a problem?

You may have started gambling as it was a fun activity but it has turned into something quite unexpected without you realising. Everyone is different and so are their problems and reasons for turning to gambling as a distraction. It could be time to assess if your gambling has become a problem for you and your family. Ask yourself why you gamble and is it because of one of the following:

  • You will win a lot of money
  • You can win back what you lost
  • Gambling is the only way you can sort out your financial issues and other issues
  • You need to gamble to get away from the stress

Why is it so difficult to quit?

Do you ever ask yourself why you just don’t quit? It would be easy, right? Unfortunately, it is not as easy as that. If your loved ones took away all your money you would find a way to gamble. Beg, borrow and in many cases steal. Gambling, for some, is as addictive as alcohol or substance abuse as it changes the pleasure chemicals in your brain.  So just like alcohol or drug addiction you will need treatment to stop the addiction and you will always be susceptible to problem gambling in the future.

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