Why Do People Get Addicted To Gambling

//Why Do People Get Addicted To Gambling

Why Do People Get Addicted To Gambling

As a favoured pass time gambling is enjoyed by millions of adults worldwide but for some people it can become a nightmare addiction.

Gambling is huge all across the globe and it comes in many forms, from slot machines and casinos to weekly lottery and Bingo.  It is easily accessed via online forms on your smartphone, laptop and tablet and can be undertaken in privacy.  There seems to be no limit on what you can bet on and it can not only involve winning money but holidays, vehicles and homes as well.

It is worth remembering that gambling can become an addiction that is right up there with alcohol, drugs and smoking. So what is involved in becoming addicted to gambling?

Initial Big Win

The buzz of a big win when you first start gambling is something the gambler will chase to feel again. Plus it may give the impression it is easy to win every time, prompting more gambling.

Gambling is Everywhere

If you are looking to gamble it is really easy to find. Players can gamble in many places at any time of the day or night. You are only ever one click away from a game of Bingo or poker on your smartphone  and you could just pop down the pub for a go on a gaming machine. It really is very convenient to bet these days and there are arguments to suggest that if it were more difficult perhaps people would be less inclined to put effort into doing so.

Keeping Tabs on Gambling Activities

This is important to ensure that the gambler knows exactly what they have won and lost. Only focussing on the wins may make the gambler believe they have won more and forget about the loses. This could lead to a distorted impression of the negative impact their gambling is having on their finances and life in general.

Stress and Anxiety

Gambling can be a way of coping with stress or anxiety and is often an activity used to escape from the stress of daily life, bereavement,  divorce and job loss. This can be a dangerous route to take as it is easy to spin out of control and lose sight of how much money they are losing when the gambler is in this state of mind.

Money Worries

Gambling to relieve money worries may seem like a ridiculous solution to many. For the person in this grave situation it seems like the most sensible and quick way to solvency. They are so desperate they will believe it is the only way, however, it is possibly the worst course of action and will make their position far worse especially when they can never make up the loses and even lose more.

Those Who Have Suffered Abuse

Much like those seeking escape from stress, victims of abuse may see gambling as an easy way to heal their pain. Relief through forgetting their pain may drive them on with no thought of how their finances may be suffering.

Genetic Gamblers

Although there is no strong evidence that gambling is hereditary there are suggestions that children living through their parent’s addiction to gambling may be more susceptible to becoming a gambling addict.

Less Norepinephrine

A study into norepinephrine has suggested that some people have lower levels of this chemical. These people are more likely to become addicted to gambling as the high levels of stress or euphoria will prompt the secretion of the pleasure chemicals thus compensating for the chemical imbalance.

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