Physical Symptoms of Excessive Gambling

/Physical Symptoms of Excessive Gambling
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Gambling is a problem as is one of the most duplicitous vices known to man as it gives the impression that you can win a lot of money but in reality it can provide a speedy road to ruin. The house always wins and the odds are never in your favour, no matter what you bet on. So what are the physical symptoms of compulsive gambling?

Is there more than one type of gambling addiction?

There is more than one type of gambling addiction as there are many ways to gamble. Gambling is everywhere and some forms come as a bit of a surprise to most people. It is not just poker, slot machines and roulette, weekly lottery, bingo and even a raffle are a form of gambling.

When a person is facing financial ruin they may feel that gambling is the best possible quick fix. Gambling can be the beginning of a slippery slope in a cycle where a gambler feels they need to win back all their losses until eventually the person needs to seek professional help to break the cycle.

Others may gamble for the thrill alone and makes more and more riskier bets to get the best high. Some risks pay off but on the hole you will lose not only your money but your family, home and job. In this type of gambling the person suffering the addiction needs to face up to the fact that they are addicted and get professional help

Why do people become addicted to gambling?

There are many reasons that a person has become addicted to gambling, money worries, thrill seeking, escape from life and the want to associate with a professional gambler. When the addiction sets in it is very difficult to get off the wheel. Addictions can happen when someone is desperate to pay off their debts and also get back any money they have already lost. However, if they do have a win it is very rarely enough to pay back what they have already lost.

Signs of a gambling problem

Some of the signs of gambling are as follows:

  • Keeping secret about gambling
  • Out of control with gambling habits
  • Keep gambling when there is no money
  • Loved ones and friends tell you they are worried about your gambling

Like other addictions the urge to keep going is incredible and you feel you can’t quit. You want to quit but always seem to think that one last time will be the big one and if you miss it you will regret it.

Emotional side effects of compulsive gambling

Gambling can cause emotional side effects such as depression, anxiety and sometimes suicidal thoughts. When you suffer the loss of everything in your life to gambling it is devastating and you will probably feel hopeless.

Physical side effects of compulsive gambling

Depression and anxiety can bring with them sleep deprivation and this can make the gambler look pale, fluctuating weight, spots and black circles around the eyes.

Consequences of compulsive gambling

Sometimes other addictions are undertaken to help relieve the stress of gambling or because they are part and parcel of the environment. Drugs and alcohol addiction can make the situation worse and you can end up ruining relationships as a result of gambling.

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