Seven Types of Gamblers and which One are You

//Seven Types of Gamblers and which One are You

Seven Types of Gamblers and which One are You

Gambling opportunities came in a vast and varied selection. Poker and Blackjack at your local casino, buying weekly  lottery tickets and of course betting online. Online gambling provides many different types of gambling and it is fast, convenient and easy to bet online at anytime and anywhere. This is good news for gamblers as not all gamblers are the same.

The difference in age, gender, social and personal skills between gamblers all have an impact on the type of gambling they chose. However, there are familiar patterns among a some gamblers more than others. Based on new investigations into these patterns 7 gambling types have emerged and they include:

  1. Gambling professionally – Poker stars are professional gamblers who make a living out of gambling. They prepare for the game by learning how to calculate odds quickly and checking the statistics as opposed to acting on instinct. The skills required are patience and the ability to control feelings at times when the game is not going their way. It is also interesting to note that most professional gamblers are not addicted to gambling.
  2. Social Gamblers – These people look to gambling for recreation only and are often found at social gambling events or at casinos at weekends. No gambling addiction is present, they just enjoy relaxing with friends or new like minded people. The time they spend gambling is minimal, the money they spend is limited and they generally chose activities that involve other people.
  3. Serious Social Gamblers – This is the main leisure activity for social gamblers who although they spend a lot of time in a casino they are very much in control of their gambling. Even though they spend a lot of time in the gambling environment they still prioritise their life over gambling.
  4. Escape Gamblers – Some find gambling a release when they are feeling stressed or anxious but are not compulsive gamblers or addicted to gambling. They use gambling at the times they are feeling pressure and once it is over they stop. However, that said these people do not make the best gamblers as they are in emotional turmoil their judgment is poor often leading to large losses. Therapy can help these types of gambler through dealing with their personal problems and gambling habits.
  5. Personality Gamblers – They gamble to make illegal monetary benefits and are often found organising private games in rooms that use marked cards or other tricks to fool other players. Horse racing and match fixing are also on the agenda and are better kept away from.
  6. Conservative Gamblers – This type of gambler is at the casino for the experience and usually picks games with low stakes. Many foreign gamblers who are unable to gamble in their own country fall under this title.

Compulsive Gamblers – These gamblers cannot control their gambling urges. They put gambling above all else in their lives and may also have a problem with alcohol. Compulsive gamblers have been known to lie about their gambling and also steal to keep up with their addiction.

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