Find Out How To Decipher A Bingo Addiction

//Find Out How To Decipher A Bingo Addiction

Find Out How To Decipher A Bingo Addiction

Many people don’t realise that Bingo is addictive and people do suffer from a Bingo addiction. Bingo is fun and many people take part in the activity on line or at a Bingo hall. The surprising thing is that as it is an accepted form of gambling, many do not see it as gambling. Out of control Bingo players have an urge that rules their life. The consequences that may occur due to excessive Bingo gambling are the same as for any other gambling addict.

How to Identify a Bingo Addict

There are some warning signs that someone is addicted to Bingo. Gambling addictions are often hidden addictions and have no physical signs. Anyone can become addicted to Bingo / gambling no matter what age, gender or walk of live. The following list includes some of the signs to look out for:

  • Managing their Bingo is difficult and stopping is even harder
  • Going over their money budget to fund the game
  • Arguments about money and gambling with family and friends
  • Losing focus on their life outside of gambling. This can include family, work, hobbies and other commitments
  • Obsession with gambling and always thinking and talking about gambling
  • Lie about the amount they gamble and the amount they send on the activity
  • Gambling to pay back debts or get money back from lost bets
  • Will gamble every penny they have
  • Always borrowing money or selling personal items or fails to pay bills and uses the money to gamble
  • Betting on higher stakes and more and more often to get the euphoria they need
  • Responsibilities and commitments are broken and house work is not undertaken, they skip days off work to gamble
  • Irritable, anxious and guilt feelings blight them when they are not gambling

Many addicts do not realise they have a problem with gambling. It is hard to admit to and so can often be too late. If you think you have a problem gambling or you have noticed some of the items in the list apply to you or a friend there is help available.

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