Gambling Addiction Treatment Program Options

//Gambling Addiction Treatment Program Options

Gambling Addiction Treatment Program Options

Gambling is a great pass time and full of excitement and fun. However, for some it is an obsession that can ruin their lives and those of the people close to them. If you are in this terrible position or someone you know is then it is important to seek help. There is no doubt that those with a gambling addiction will need professional help and treatment to overcome their addiction.

Causes of Gambling Addiction

Psychology is at the root of any addiction no matter what the addiction is to. Most people can start a new hobby or pastime and have fun but there are some people who are unable to do certain things and not become psychologically dependent on them. An addiction is not being able to stop doing something that makes you feel good before you need the feeling of pleasure it gives you. Compulsive gamblers are out of control with their gambling and in fact the gambling is in control of them.

The impact of a gambling addiction on your life is terrible. Money problems including debts you can’t pay, divorce, no custody of your children and in some cases the depression can lead to additional addictions and even suicide. In this day and age it is really simple and convenient to gamble. Your smart phone will provide no end of gambling choice and if you bank online transfer of funds takes seconds.

What is the Cure?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is the psychological illness that compulsive gamblers suffer from. The illness is not curable, however, like an alcoholic or drug addict steps can be taken through lifestyle changes and choice of behaviour that can make living with the illness bearable for you and your loved ones.

Treatment and Therapy

Intensive treatment or group based therapy is helpful but you need to find out the best treatment that will suit you. Cognitive therapy can identify the thought process that has brought you to your gambling addiction. Once these have been found work can start on changing your beliefs and putting in place a clear route to recovery. Looking into gambling triggers through therapeutic methods has been very successful in much the same way as cognitive therapy. Family therapy will address the gambling issues and reuniting family members to all is on the same page during recovery. Another method is to limit the amount of gambling opportunities but it is quite a task these days with all the gambling on offer.

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